About Our Framing and Framing Supplies

Types of Artwork We Frame 

We offer professional framing of original art on paper or canvas, prints, posters, photographs, needlework, corporate mission and vision statements, awards, certificates and memorobilia.



We use only acid free mats and rag mats (museum board). We have a wide variety so you can find the exact color(s) and texture(s) you want. We can cut a variety of shapes for you mat openings as well as cut multiple openings.


Extensive Mouldings

Our corner samples vary widely so we can match whatever style you are looking for from contemporary to country, from modern to antique, from simple metals to extravagant gold leaf woods.



We offer premium, non-glare, UV protection and Museum quality glass.



We offer regular, non-glare and UV protection plexiglass


Our staff can help you through the design process. Some people know exactly what they want while others are not sure what direction to go in - we can help both. We've worked with all sorts of designs from extravagant to simple - it's what we love to do. Design assistance and estimates are provided at no charge.

Handling of Artwork 

Your artwork stays within our store. The only work we ship out is if you choose to mount your artwork on a plaque which is handled through another vendor.



Dry mounting for posters and photos (acid free for photos and artwork with little value), hinging (Hinging is like taping, but the acid-free materials used in the process ensure no damage will be caused to the artwork), floating (all edges of the artwork are exposed), as well as pinning and threading for needlework and cloth pieces.



We can order just about any art print and have several books from several well known publishers to look through or a CD with thousands of other designs which we can be special ordered.

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